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Repair or Replace?

What to consider?

balance Although there are many variables to consider, the following points are key to deciding whether it's best for you to repair an existing air conditioning and heating system or replace it with a newer, more efficient model.


If your air conditioning or heating unit is over 10 years old -- even if it's running well, a newer unit could be more economical to run. In addition, an older unit can develop cracks and holes that may cause health and safety issues.

Repair history and warranty

Take a look at what repairs have been done recently - have they been costly ones, like the compressor or heat exchanger? Is the unit still under warranty?

Cost to repair

If the rest of the system is in good operating condition, and the cost of repair is less than 30% of the cost of a new unit, repairing the existing unit may make sense.

Energy efficiency

Heating and cooling account for at least half of an average household's energy bill. How much would you save by replacing an older unit with a new, energy efficient model?

Humidity problems

If your present unit is oversized, you may have higher humidity in your home, which can lead to mold problems.

Dust/mold problems

Older units may not efficiently reduce humidity, which can allow mold and dust mites to grow within your system and ductwork, and in your home.

Unbalanced or leaky ductwork

Poorly designed or leaky ductwork can cost you in efficiency of cooling distribution and make some rooms too hot or too cold. Leaky and unbalanced duct systems send conditioned air outside the home and bring unconditioned air in and may also bring mold spores, dust, and other air contaminants into the home.

Moving soon

A new unit may increase the selling value of your home if you are planning to move soon.

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